Building Awesome Brands from Ground Up

SINCE 2005

Kanwal is a well accomplished Graphic & Web Designer based out of India. An expert in Branding, UI/UX – Web Design, Print & Publishing, Social Media and Product Design; he’s always looking forward to a new creative challenge.

Kanwaldeep Singh

Over the years, he has worked along a multitude of brands ranging from Start-Ups to Multi-National companies; delivering some amazing projects and earning some accolades. He’s always brimming with ideas and is always looking forward to exciting new challenges.

His design language is usually bold, minimalist and functional, yet not limiting in any way. Experimenting and exploring various forms of art and technology to create something awesome and meaningful is his passion. The objective is always to showcase any product/service in the best outcome that can connect well with the end consumer. With infinite inspiration from all across the globe, he strives to create digital & tangible experiences that wow people. He’s fun and easy to work with, along with the highest level of professionalism.

Personally, traveling is his #1 passion followed by art, culture, people, food & biking. His life goals are aligned with deep passion for creative art and also making efforts towards making the world a tad bit better by spreading love & positive messages however possible.

Kanwal is also the founder of a Professional Design Agency ‘Tulevik Studio’ with a network of High Caliber Professionals offering multitude of Digital Services to the customers across the globe.

Pro Skills

Kanwal has very strong fundamentals in Multimedia Design combined with excellent visualization and articulation skills. With his thought provoking ideas, he is able to create cohesive and compelling visual & interactive communication at par with international standards. Some of his skills are:

Design Tools

Although, Kanwal has acquired a ton of technical skills over the years; he’s mastered some of the  most proficient design tools to create any piece of Digital or Tangible media with absolute ease. Some of his standard design tool-set includes:

The Creative Flow

Contrary to what most common people assume; creative designing process is always much more intricate than it appears. It’s an evolutionary process that requires multiple steps along with meticulous planning, knowledge, experience, technical skills & more. Below is an outline of the process we follow.

Client Briefing

Step 1: We listen carefully, and ask relevant questions to develop a deeper understanding of our client's requirements & objectives.

Brain Storming

Step 2: Where most magic happens through research, ideation, mood-boards, meditation, mock-ups and mock-tails.

Review & Refine

Step 3: Final ideas are packaged and presented to the client for their review; refined and re-presented till the final objective is achieved.

Final Results

Step 4: The final version is once reviewed right before the handover to the client and then delivered in the requested formats.

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