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Last Updated: January 1st 2023

Acceptance of Terms – Read Carefully.

Definitions: Herein, terms such as ‘Us/We/Me/Agency/Studio’ shall be used to represent (KanwaldeepSingh.com) as a ‘service provider’. Whereas, terms such us ‘You/Client/Customer/Consumer’ shall be used to refer to the 2nd/3rd party receiving our services in any form of media. Scope of Work (SOW) is defined as the ‘binding quantum of work’ to be done by the agency for the client.

Quotes & Pricing: The Quotes/Estimates generated are Valid only for 30 Days from the date of issuance. Pricing is subjected to revision at the sole discretion of the Agency without any prior written notification. The ‘Initial Project Cost’ is subjected to revision while in progression if/whenever there’s a change in the ‘SOW’ defined by the client; which will be communicated to the client for approval.

Third Party Purchases: If the client purchases any 3rd party product/services such as (Domain Registration, Hosting Space, E-Mails, Website Themes, Stationary Printing etc;) from us; the Cost of purchase will be over and above the ‘Project Fees’ and will be Non-Refundable under any circumstances because of the nature of such purchases.

For Websites: Payments received will be split in the order of 50% as an advance, 25% upon review and 25% before the time of website going Live online.

For Social Media (Retainer): One (1) month advance payment will be required at all times for the duration of Retainer period. Minimum billing amount is for 1 month (non-refundable).

For Turn-Key Projects: Payments received will be split in the order of 50% as an advance, 25% upon review and 25% upon completion. 

For Short Tasks: (Amount Less than ₹ 15,000)  75% as an advance and remaining 25% will be required upon task completion.

Payment Methods: We accept Only Cash, Online Bank Transfer, Bank Draft or payments through Wallets/UPI. We Do Not accept Cheques.

Tax Invoice & Due Date: Applicable Govt. Taxes will be Charged Extra (GST@18%). The payment becomes due on the day an Invoice is raised. We do not extend any credit period.

Delay in Payment: A payment is considered ‘Delayed’ when the client is presented with the Invoice after completion of work and the amount is not released as per due date. Under such circumstances, the Agency shall charge to the Client, a fee of (calculated @30%/Annum) from the Due Date till the Final payment Date in addition to the actual due amount.

Payment Failure: A payment is considered ‘Failure’ when the client deliberately/intentionally refuses to release the payment in-spite of project completion or keeps postponing the payment date multiple times even after reminders. Under such circumstances the agency reserves the the right to recover the dues in full (and further damages if any) through Legal Recourse under the Laws of Republic of India. Moreover, the Agency also remains well within their rights to withhold/roll-back/undo the work done by them and/or refuse any further services to the client without any prejudice.

By way of informing the respective client; the agency stands fully indemnified against any action seeked by the client to claim any damages from the agency/us due to Non-Service by the agency arisen from such circumstances.

Project Delivery: Any work shall commence only upon receiving an advance as per agreed amount. All final projects are delivered to the client only after prior clearing of dues in full. All fees and payments received by the Agency as an advance and/or for work done are Non-Refundable by default as to cover the loss of our business and time; unless explicitly specified otherwise in written.

All aforementioned Terms & Conditions are Subjected to Faridabad (Haryana) Jurisdiction under Indian Republic Law.

A. Quotes & Pricing:

B. Scope of Work (SOW):

  1. A detailed written document stating the client’s requirements and objective needs to be shared with the Agency/Us in order to assess the Final Project cost, Timelines etc; before the commencement of any project; followed by a signed contract.
  2. Once, the SOW has been finalized; any amendments to the same thereon will affect the final cost and timeline of the project (will likely to increase).
  3. If any alteration to the SOW are needed; it has to be communicated to the Agency/Us at-least 7 working days prior to the commencement of the project.

C. Project Delivery:

  1. Timelines – We are very particular about sticking to the timelines agreed upon and strive to meet the deadlines. However, we cannot guarantee the exact date of project completion, unless the client ensures 100% compliance with our requests for the deliverables expected of them along with quick and timely response to the communication via any written form or phone/online calls. Also, we cannot guarantee to stick to the agreed timelines under unforeseen circumstance that are beyond our/agency’s control; including but not limited to any personal illness/death, technical issues, data loss, content unavailability, change in SOW, client unavailability, delay/lack of response etc;. Estimated deadlines need to be communicated to All parties involved prior to commencement of any project or if there is a change in the same, it needs to be communicated to all parties involved to set/re-set the timelines of a project.
  2. Project Delivery Risks & Resolution – If a project is at the risk of getting delayed by the agency due to a reasonable cause or reasons beyond our control, the agency shall communicate to the client about the same for an appropriate solution. If a project runs a risk of getting delayed by the agency due to our own un-intentional fault, the agency shall communicate to the client about the same for an appropriate (non-monetary) solution. If there’s a risk of delay caused due to any circumstances arisen from the client side, the client is obligated to inform the agency about the same for an appropriate solution.